Top 3 Best Smartphones Under 10000 July 2017

Top 3 Best Smartphones Under 10000 July 2017:First of all a big thank you for clicking this article Link,I  have a list for you about smartphones which were going to become a highlight in the month of July 2017 and if you are reading this article in the month of july or after that then you were trying to Find the ‘best smartphones under 10000 july 2017′, so i am  giving you the list right now which are You looking for.

Top 3 Best Smartphones Under 10000 July 2017

1-Samsung On5 Pro Rs.7240/-

Samsung On5 Pro is first in our list because of its battery power,high quality and can Get this smartphone in only rs.7240 from amazon.good thing about samsung is that you can use the Smartphone like a pro,play games like a pro,call like a pro and watch like a pro.lets look the Specification of this phone which comes first in the list of ‘best smartphones under 10000 july’ 2017  In india.
– 8 mega pixel primary camera & 5 mega pixel front camera.
– 12.7 which is 5 Inch Touchscreen.
– 2 gb ram and 16gb internal memory.
– Li-on 2600 mAh battery.
What Is The Best Thing About This Smartphone.?
Guys,samsung is the best thing of this smartphone. its reliability ,its goodwill in the mobile industry.
If you truly a want smartphones under rs.10000 in 2017 then this is the phone. guys, i am telling you That if you want a cool smartphone with cool looks once the smartphone landed in your hands then This is it .go for it blindly.

2.Moto G Play, 4th Gen. Rs 8000 /-

Motorola is one of the brand which survive many storms and cyclones of new brands and still i know That Motorola  is one of the brand on which we can spend our money or income., this new Smartphones of motorola has many feature which you easily compare with redmi phones and still You will choose this phone over the others.if your budget is tight and you are looking for ‘Best Smartphones Under 10000 July 2017‘ then i  have to say that buy this phone. now let;s look at the Smartphone’s specifications-
– 8 mega pixel primary camera and 5 mega pixel front camera.
– 2gb ram and 16gb internal memory.
– 12.7 centimeters (5 inch) touchscreen.
– 2800 mAh battery.
Why We Buy This Smartphone .?
Guys, if you want a proof on why you have to buy this smartphone then just go to search This smartphone and here you are ,looking at the reviews and all are positive reviews from real Customers. this shows us that , people were buying this smartphone ,using this smartphone and Looking cool with this we hope that you like this smartphone and your finding Journey will stop about android phones under 10000 2017.

3.Coolpad Mega 2.5D Rs.8000 /-

Now,its time for the last smartphone on our list of ”Best Smartphones Under 10000 July 2017” .this Mobile is fully loaded with great features, special thing about this smartphone is that its is superior Than other smartphones including the above two smartphones of this list  ”Best Smartphones Under 10000 July 2017”  now you were thinking ‘why this article start saying good things about this phone?’
The answer is,this is a good smartphone.if you talk about camera then its is high in mega pixel , if You talk about ram and internal memory then it is high, if you say ‘what about the screen .?’ then we Say ‘its also more in comparison to the above smartphones’. let’s give you guys a proof of what i am Actually talking about.


– 8 mega pixel primary camera and 8 mega pixel front camera.
-13.97 centimeters touchscreen which is 5 inch.
-3gb ram and 16gb internal memory.
-2500 mAh lithium li-on battery.

What About The Brand Name..?

Guys,if you were thinking that ‘ how can we purchase this smartphone after all the brand name is new And so unreliable.?’. then we will suggest you to look at the reviews of this smartphone on amazon And flipkart you will get you answer.
In the last , i hope that you will find your july 2017 best smartphones , so guys thank you for visiting This website and please let me know that you like this article or not in the comment section below, Also you can comment your queries.