How To Speed Up Your Gaming Computer

Gaming personal computers isn’t always a very fast piece of technologies which you have to monitor it and maintenance it every once a week or 2 – 3 days. You need to clean your pc and also do defragment to help your hard drive locate the file faster.

In this article i will show you how to maintain your gaming pc or any ordinary pc performance stay stable and be able to enjoy it until it lifetime ends.

Tool You May Need

Tools that you might need for the operation. Some are existing tool on your pc which comes with windows some you will need to download additional program to make it faster.
CCLeaner : This tool will help you to clean up unnecessary files and junks files. which help you to clear up your disk space.
Download Here : (Direct Link) (Site Link)

Step 1 : Clean

  • Download and Install CCLeaner
  • Launch CCleaner
  • Click on Application Tab
  • Click on Run Cleaner

Step 2 : Defrag Your Hard Drive

  • Press (Window¬†+ Q) Or move your mouse to the top right edge of the screen and then search for defrag.
  • Click on ” Defragment and optimize hard drives
  • Select your hard drive and Click “Optimize

Step3 : Schedule Defrag (Optional)

If you don’t want to do defragment every time then you can do schedule defragment.
  • Click on “Change settings”
  • Tick on “Run on schedule “
  • Then select your preference.


After you done these few steps you will have a faster pc everyday. They will makes your pc remains its performance and the durability of the hardware also good and clean. If you have any question about this please feel free to comment it under this topic. I will take my time to explain.