How to download hotstar for android,pc

How to download hotstar video


Hotstar is an special apps for watching live video’s and you also can download a video you want too. Its is an Indian online video watching apps. Indian are known as the music lovers, so hotstar is one of the very important apps where we can watch t.v serial , video songs etc. This apps grows its popularity more in India as Indian are very fond of cricket game. People love watching and downloading video from hotstar for its amazing features.Hotstar is officially launched in january 2015, which now growing its popularity. hotstar have more than 50,000+ videos in it. Hotstar does not have download option for last few years but recently it has been upgraded and now we can enjoy downloading videos we love. You will also find the content of videos with more than eight language. It not only content Indian t.v serial,movies,videos but it also contain of American t.v show. Now you don’t need to stand in the line for watching live cricket match. You also can watch live cricket match through hotstar. It is one of the popular star apps.

Coming to the special features you can download video from hotstar now , though hotstar consume high internet data for watch live or videos, but you have one special features that is you can download the video you want and watch without buffering . hotstar apps have the similarity with youtube as both the platform allow downloading video but you can only watch on hotstar apps.

Special attention before downloading video from hotstar

  1. Hotstar apps allows to download videos from it but you can now download each and every video.
  2. You must check whether you can download the video or not by clicking download option.
  • if the video is downloadable it will get download easily if you click download option.
  1. Now after downloading video from hotstar your downloaded video will be saved in the hotstar apps itself. Remember the downloaded video from hotstar will not be saved in your phone gallery. It is same like youtube ofline.
  2. Now the most important part for downloading video from hotstar is you have to create an account. Its very easy to create an account.

The few steps for downloading hotstar video are below

Hotstar is one of the amazing apps in india, it is really wonderful apps as it allows us to watch live video, download video , watch live cricket match. For downloading video you must have hotstar app. Here i will saw you how to download video from hotstar app.

  1. First you need to have smart phone or pc to enjoy hotstar.
  2. If you have smart phone or pc you can download hotstar app.
  3. If you are using smartphone or android mobile you can download hotstar apps from google playstore.
  4. If you are using laptop or desktop and want to use hotstar you can download bluestick which will allow your laptop to open apps or support apps. So hotstar can be use in all formate.
  5. Download hotstar apps from google playstore and installed in your phone.
  6. Now open the apps and start creating account .
  7. After creating an account in hotstar apps. Now you can open the apps and enjoy watching and downloading videos.
  8. You can download the videos from hotstar but it will not be saved in you phone gallery. It will remain as ofline video in the hotstar apps itself.


HOTSTAR apps is very popular in india now, it’s features of watching and downloading videos attract many people and it is now one of the most downloaded apps in india. If you want to enjoy watching video and downloading hotstar is one platform where you can enjoy with your own likes and dislikes. Watch the video you love to watch. Hotstar is growing and it will grow more in future. Indian the cricket loving nation , we all know sachin tendulkar the god of cricket . hotstar gain its popularity as it mainly consist of t.v serial and cricket match. Starplus serials are mostly there in the hotstar content.  Hotstar have all form of video formate which is very friendly for the users.


How to Speed up Android mobile

Hello every one ….here I am with new trick…..there are 5 simple tricks bye which you can speed up your mobile.

  1. Uninstall/ Disable unused apps

first thing which you have to do is analyze your applications which is installed in your mobile and then try to find out which is important and then uninstall them and if you want to install them and don’t want to uninstall then just disable it. .


  1. Clearing  Cache

You can clean cache by using mobiles application like Cc cleaner.

3.Removing or Limiting Widgets 
If you have lots of widgets on your home screen than it will slow down your mobile to remove it

just press and hold the preferred widget for 2 seconds and then click on remove icon to remove it from the home screen. Removing large widgets will undoubtedly benefit your device with better performance.

4.Get Latest Software Updates

Most important thing is always update your mobile phone software and applications also it will also increase your mobile’s battery life.

5.Free up internal Memory

when ever you have full memory it will automatically slow down your mobile speed so try to analyze it.

Thanks for reading  i hope you will like this